Developer deeds

In order to complete works on our water or sewer system, a formal agreement between Hunter Water and a Developer for the design and construction of assets is required.

If you have been advised by us that you will need to enter into a deed to complete works, you can download the relevant deed here. There are three types of Developer Works Deeds:

We will advise you which deed is relevant to your specific works.

What is the differences between minor, major and complex works?

MinorGravity sewer less than up to 25m long with a pipe diameter of 150mm or less and construction of water services.
MajorGravity sewer main pipes and water main pipes of less than 300mm in diameter.
ComplexSewer and water main pipes 300mm and greater in diameter; telemetry; mechanical/electrical components; pressure sewer; wastewater pump stations; water booster stations, stormwater.

More information?

Watch our video to find out what happens if you need to do works.