Building a new house or renovating

It is now a lot easier to lodge your building plans with us for stamping, ready to submit to the council. Follow our three simple steps and you'll be able to begin construction in no time.

How do I lodge an application?

Follow these three steps if you are building or renovating a house.

  1. Are you building over one of our assets?

    First of all, we need to ensure that your construction will not impact on our water or sewer assets. See Building over pipes and easements
  2. Get your plans stamped by us

    For any building, renovation or extension, your plans must be stamped by us before they are submitted to the council. See Building Plan Stamping
  3. If you are building over our asset

    You will need to complete a Build Over Asset Application Form if you are building 1.5 metres or less from one of our water or sewer mains or sewer junction. Your application will be assessed and a letter forwarded to you advising our requirements.

What if I regularly submit applications?

If you regularly submit plans or applications to us you can log in to our online application portal or register for an account with us.