Water Supply & Sewerage Reticulation Design Submissions

Templates and checklists for land development water and sewer designs have been produced to support designers preparing submissions to Hunter Water.

All land development design submissions must include the relevant completed checklists and drawings completed on current templates.

Servicing Strategies

Hunter Water has developed a template for the preparation of Servicing Strategies to ensure that the necessary information is presented in a clear and consistent format enabling an informed timely review of the options and recommendations presented. Current versions of the template and cost estimating tools will be supplied to designers undertaking strategies at the strategy initiation meeting.

Design Submission Checklists

A civil drafting package is available which includes the CAD templates and supporting files to assist in preparing drawings to Standard Technical Specifications - 911. The package is available to Accredited Design Consultants.

Review of Environmental Factors

All water and sewer works require the consideration factors as part of the infrastructure design. Designers are required to submit a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) with their design and pay the appropriate review fees. The template provided at the link below includes the minimum requirements, however some projects may require the provisiion fo additional information as part of the REF.

A separate REF is not required where the water and sewer works have been included in the environmental assessment approved by the relevant Council or Department of Planning for the land development / subdivision.

Example Drawings

Example drawings have been prepared to demonstrate reticulation design requirements. The drawings have been completed on the current civil drafting template to STS911 and will be reviewed regularly to ensure they meet the needs of designers, reviewers and constructors.

The drawings have been produced as an example design submission and exclude some project specific information.

Construction issue drawings may require additional or format adjustments to facilitate construction (for example, contours are not required on construction drawings and long sections should typically be included on a separate sheet).

For further information or for any enquiries on the example drawings, email us.