Water & Sewer Design Manuals

Our Network Design Standards define parameters and practices to be adopted when designing particular components of Hunter Water's water supply systems and gravity sewerage. When designing assets it is the designer's responsibility to ensure that requirements included in the design standards are suitable for each particular application.

In July 2017 Hunter Water released Version 2.0 of the Hunter Water editions of the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) WSA 02 Gravity Sewerage Code of Australia and the WSA 03 Water Supply Code of Australia. These integrated editions of the design codes replaced sections 1, 2 and 3 of the Hunter Water Design Manual. Other WSAA design codes are being reviewed for future adoption.

Current Hunter Water Design Standards

  1. Technical Addendums

  2. Water and Sewer Design Manuals

Pressure Sewer Systems

Hunter Water will support servicing of new single lot residential developments with pressure sewer where it is demonstrated to be the preferred servicing option.  This may be for servicing the full development, or part(s) of the development in combination with conventional gravity sewer. Hunter Water's policy is to own and maintain the on-lot pressure sewer units where it complies with Hunter Water standards. Click here to find out more

WSA02 and WSA03 are available from WSAA. View our WSAA Codes Publication page.

The Guideline - Water and Sewer Cost Estimating contains assumptions regarding electricity prices, infrastructure operational and maintenance costs and greenhouse gas abatement rates that should be used when conducting a business case or Net Present Value (NPV) analysis for projects.