Washing vehicles and boats

Keeping your car or boat spotless can be taxing on your water bill. There’s nothing quite like the shine of a freshly cleaned car. But while enjoying that spotless glow, it’s important to make sure it’s not at the expense of excessive water use.

Here are some water-saving tips for washing your car at home:

  • Use a waterless car wash.
  • Use a low flow/high-pressure wash.
  • Wash the car on the lawn using biodegradable cleaning chemicals. They give your grass a good watering in addition to cleaning your car.
  • Wash with greywater from your bath/shower.
  • Use a bucket or a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle.

Commercial Car washes

Commercial car washes often use recycled water in the early stages of the wash.

Look for this logo at your local car wash to make sure has a five-star water saving rating.

Cleaning your vehicle, boat or caravan

Under Smart Water Choices, you may wash and rinse any car, boat or caravan with a bucket, using a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle or a pressure cleaner at any time on any day.

Little habits make big changes

If you're thoughtful you can really make things go a long way, especially water.