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Our water is precious and our community is the eyes and ears of our water supply network. Your quick reporting of a water leak can help reduce water loss and wastage.

Step 1: Are we aware of an outage in your area?

We may already be aware of a water leak in your area. View our current water outages.

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Step 2: Not on our list? Let's identify where the leak is located?

Call us immediately on 1300 657 000

if you see a moderate or major water leak, or a leak causing harm or property damage.  

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Water leaks of this kind are our highest priority.

Please call us immediately on 1300 657 000

Understanding your water service responsibilities

We may maintain and repair the pipes from our water main (typically on the street) to and including your water meter where the meter frame is situated a maximum of one metre inside your property boundary.

Responsibility for the maintenance and repairs of pipes from your water meter to the home is your (or the home owner's) responsibility.

View our diagram to understand your responsibilities

We will not attend to repair:

  • Damage to your water system not caused by us
  • Private water services connecting to our water infrastructure under the terms of a separate agreement
  • Main to meter services greater than 40mm in diameter
  • Water services with less than 20-25cm clearance from the ground to the bottom of the meter and around the water service
  • Water services connected to privately owned water mains (some community title subdivisions or private joint water services)
  • Fire services
  • Backflow prevention devices on properties, except where the device is integrated into the water meter supplied and owned by us

In these instances you will need to contact a licensed plumber to carry out the appropriate work as your own expense.

Your water meter requires a clearance of 20-25cm around it as per the image on the left below. Does your meter have the required clearance?

No clearance around the water meter?

It is important to provide clear access to and around your water meter to repair or replace it. To work safely, we require 20-25cm clearance, as shown in the the picture on the left above. This means the area around the water meter should be clear of hazards such as concrete, dirt, shrubs or trees. If your water meter does not have the required clearance, you will need to fix the issue before we can attend your property.


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