My water meter is damaged

Your property's water meter is essential for us to accurately measure and charge for your water use.

Types of water meters

We offer three different types of water meters to suit the needs of all of our residential customers.

DB water meter

RMC or ZEB water meter

GVB water meter

Damaged water meter and water meter frame

We are not responsible for any damage to your water service that has not been caused by us.

You will need to seek assistance from a licensed plumber if your water meter frame has structural damage/accidental/negligent damage (e.g. the meter has been dented, the water meter frame ran over, has been bent or slashed by a mower or whipper snipper).

Has your damaged water meter been fixed?

After your plumber has repaired your water service and affixed a spacer on the frame, you or the plumber will be required to complete our online application.

If the water meter only, shows physical signs of damage

Please contact us if you can see physical signs of damage on the water meter.

This may include

  • cloudy or smashed glass on the meter face
  • water spurting or leaking from the glass
  • you are unable to see/read the water meter dials and numbers on the meter face

We will will come and take a look at the water meter and if required, we will replace the water meter as soon as possible to maintain continued service.