I can't turn off my path tap

Path taps are often out of sight and probably out of mind. If you have an emergency, you'll need to find it in a hurry and turn your water off.

Where is my path tap?

Your path tap is not the garden tap at the front of your property. It's the tap connected to your water meter frame, usually at the front of your property and is used to turn your water supply on and off.

´╗┐Types of path taps

Path tap with TAP handle

This image shows a path tap with a handle similar to what you see on a standard tap.

Path tap with LEVER handle

This image shows a path tap with a lever handle, similar to a valve.

Path tap with NO handle

Some path taps have no handles or levers.

Frequently asked questions

Keep your meter clear

Over time, your water meter can become hidden by a build-up of soil or by garden plants growing over it.

We recommend that you inspected the water meter and meter frame regularly to ensure it is clear of concrete, plants, trees and other obstructions.