Best Practice Guidelines

Hunter Water is developing Best Practice Guidelines (BPG’s) to provide recommendations and benchmarking for the effective use of water in a range of industry sectors. These evidence-based documents include guidance on specific topics in response to real world examples.

Turf Sporting Field Guidelines

The importance of green open spaces to local communities has been highlighted by the 2019-20 drought and subsequent COVID-19 pandemic. Turf sporting fields are under increasing pressure from multiple sources such as growing population, increasing sport participation, budget and cost constraints, and a changing climate with periods of drought and high rainfall.

Hunter Water in collaboration with NSW Environment Protection Authority has commissioned this Best Practice Guideline to provide additional support to the development and maintenance of green open spaces in both wet and dry conditions.

While the guidelines have focussed on public sporting fields, they can be used by anyone involved in planning, designing, building and/or maintaining turf surfaces for other communities, such as school ovals or golf courses.