Standpipes and water carriers

metered standpipe

Standpipes are portable hydrants designed to be connected to a fire hydrant in a water main to gain access to bulk water. All standpipes used in our area of operations must be metered and hired from us. There are currently three sizes of metered standpipes:

  • 20mm
  • 32mm high flow
  • 50mm

Standpipes are used to fill water cart tankers from our water main infrastructure. It is our priority to inspect water cart tankers to confirm that they comply with backflow prevention requirements, to ensure the integrity of our drinking water supply. Water cart tanker inspections are required at the initial application stage and annually thereafter.

Submit a standpipe meter reading

You can submit your monthly standpipe meter reading to us online or via email.

Submit an annual standpipe inspection

You can submit your annual standpipe inspection online.

Submit an annual water carrier inspection

You can submit your annual water carrier inspection online.

Standpipe locations

View our list and maps of approved locations across our area of operations and download our web app.

How to hire a metered standpipe

Follow our three step process to hire a metered standpipe:

Frequently asked questions

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