Approved standpipe fill locations

Inappropriate use of standpipes can cause significant network and customer impacts so use is restricted to certain parts of the network. 50mm standpipes may only be used at locations shown in the list below or as marked on our App. Other sized standpipes are highly encouraged to use these locations where practical.

Where can standpipes be used?

Standpipe use location maps


Need to find a specific approved fill location? See here for a full listing with downloadable maps of each location.

Download the approved standpipe fill location App

We have a convenient App that you can download on your smartphone that helps you locate the nearest approved standpipe fill location wherever you are in our network at any time.

Visit your app store and search Explorer for Arc GIS or use the links below for your operating system.

Once downloaded, open the application and search HWC Water Tanker Designated Filling Locations

Note: This app may incur data charges.