Service location plans

Before undertaking any excavation works at your property, it’s important that you check for underground pipes and cable networks that could be in the area.

You may also be interested in seeing where our pipes lay when looking to build on your property.

Want to know where our pipes are in relation to your property?

  1. Visit Before You Dig Australia and lodge your enquiry online.
  2. If you are not registered, you will need to do this.
  3. Once registered, you will need to provide details of your project, including start and expected completion date, type of work and the location of your project.
  4. This will allow Before You Dig Australia to provide you with the correct information to suit your project.

Need a service location plan?

Where your requirements are not able to be provided via the free Dial Before You Dig Australia service, you may wish to organise a service location plan. To request a plan, complete the form below.

Please note: Plans are for location of Hunter Water assets only and not internal house pipework/drainage.

Sale of a property application requests

If you are a solicitor or conveyancer requesting an application for the sale of a property you can apply through participating Land Registry Services (LRS) brokers or directly with us.