Our top picks for indoor plants

Indoor plants boast an array of mood-boosting qualities and are good for our overall health.

They can boost our inspiration levels, improve concentration and productivity and help reduce stress and fatigue. Many indoor plants require limited watering, making them the perfect water-savvy addition to your home.

Did you know?

Indoor plants help to clean air in our home by absorbing harmful toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen.

Our top five water-savvy and easy care indoor plants

ZZ Plant

(Zamioculcas Zamifolia)

This exotic looking glossy green plant is very low maintenance and likes to be situated in low to bright indirect light. The ZZ plant only likes a drink of water when fully dry, making it perfect for water-savvy warriors! Typically you can even forget a watering... or three... and it will still thrive!

Snake Plant or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

(Sansevieria Trifasciata)

Although they are very forgiving, this extremely hardy plant loves indirect but steady light with some direct sun. They can adapt to full sun conditions and will also survive quite dim situations. This plant dislikes to be over watered so leave a splash of H20 to only once a month.

Devil’s Ivy


This trailing leafy vine prefers low light areas and can survive erratic watering for some time. It requires little hydration and will not tolerate soggy soil so allow it to dry slightly before watering again.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

(Ficus Lyrate)

This beautiful plant with strong leathery green leaves doesn't require a lot of water and will thrive best when let to dry out between watering. Occasionally, they love to be placed outside in the rain to let it soak through the soil. It prefers bright, filtered light as direct light can burn the leaves.

Aloe Vera

(Aloe Barberae)

This succulent grows best in dry conditions and well-drained soil. Water once a month and let the soil go completely dry before watering. It thrives off lots of bright light!

Ways to make your indoor plants flourish

  1. Pick the right light
    Research your plant, and make sure you know what kind of light it needs. You may have to try a few spots around the home until you find the best spot. Sunny windowsills might look great but some plants can’t handle direct sun through a window.
  2. Sing to your plant!
    It might sound strange, however when you sing or talk to a plant, you expel carbon dioxide, which plants need to absorb in order to go through the photosynthesis process and grow. In return, your plant will release oxygen back to you!
  3. Know when to water
    Different plants need different amounts of water. Get to know your plants and their individual watering needs! Too often, indoor plants are over watered. Read our watering tips below for the best way to hydrate your green friends!

Our favourite tips for watering your indoor plants

Use rainwater

Indoor plants love rainwater! If you can’t pop your plants outside in the rain, then place a bucket outside and collect some of that magic stuff for when they need it.

A bucket of water being tipped out

Collect shower water

Place a bucket in the shower to collect water and use this to hydrate your plants when they need it.

Don't over water

Lots of indoor plants suffer from too much water so always check the soil first with your finger. If it’s dry, water it. If it’s wet, leave it. If it’s moist, then check again in a few days.

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