In the bathroom

With around 40 per cent of household water going to our bathrooms, its important to be mindful of your water usage in this area of your home. See our water efficiency tips for showers, toilets and sinks and save on water consumption.

In the kitchen

There are some easy ways you can save water in your kitchen without sacrificing on preparing and cleaning up after a quality meal. Read our handy tips for conserving water and learn some interesting water use facts in the process.

In the laundry

Our laundries require a large amount of water to function. Here, you can find out some inexpensive ways to reduce the volume you use when operating your washing machine or taps.

Additional information

Finding and fixing leaks

Did you know that leaking taps and running toilets contribute to over 2 million litres of water being lost each year? You can do your part by checking your taps and toilets for leaks.

Understanding greywater

Did you know that you can use the greywater from your washing machine to water your lawn? Find out more about greywater and how you can make the most of it here.