Find out ways you can save bucket loads of water

In the home

Water is precious, and with around 40 per cent of household water going to our bathrooms, it's important to be more mindful of how we're using it.

In the garden and outdoors

Our beautiful Hunter region also comes with very high temperatures over summer and dry periods throughout the year. But this doesn’t mean our gardens can’t be kept healthy and flourishing, without using excess water!

Let’s make Smart Water Choices now, for our future

Smart Water Choices at home

Smart Water Choices are our permanent water conservation measures. They primarily apply to outdoor water usage. However, we encourage residents to continue saving within the home. We can all continue to play our part and conserve our most precious resource.

Smart Water Choices for businesses

It's smart business to love water. Find out what Smart Water Choices mean for businesses in the Lower Hunter, how to prepare your business' Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP), water-saving fact sheets for industries, and frequently asked questions.

Little habits make big changes

If you're thoughtful you can really make things go a long way, especially water.