Water storage levels

Our water levels drop faster than most other major Australian urban centres during hot, dry periods. View a snapshot of our current storage levels, understand our community's water use and learn how you can play your part to protect our precious resource.

Water supply

Learn about our Water Resilience Program, how much water we need, where our water is sourced and the plans we have in place to ensure we have a strong water future in our region.

Water quality

Learn how we manage our water supply from catchment to tap, ensuring that safe and reliable, high-quality drinking water is delivered to our community in the Lower Hunter.

Wastewater systems

Here you'll learn about our entire wastewater treatment process, from the treatment plants and wastewater quality to beach water and the environmental safeguards we have in place.


Learn about our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, climate change action, sustainable energy, environmental management, recycling and reuse, and partnering with our community to enable the sustainable growth and development of the Lower Hunter.

EPA monitoring

We monitor air, water, noise and land pollution as required by the Environment Protection Licences (EPLs) issued by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA). Find out more about the pollution monitoring data we collect and report on.

More information


We maintain and operate over 96 kilometres of stormwater assets throughout the Lower Hunter region. Learn more about stormwater, where our assets are located and how to keep stormwater clean.