Finding and fixing leaks

Avoid unnecessary water wastage by keeping on top of leaks around the home.

Regularly checking your taps, pipes and fittings around your property could save our precious water and your precious money! We urge you to use your water meter to regularly check for leaks.

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Learn how to check for leaks at your property.

Dripping taps

Dripping taps mainly occur when fixtures are continuously turned off too tightly and, over time, the pressure on the washer causes it to deteriorate. 

Replacing a tap washer is quite simple, however, if you have a hot water system in your ceiling, it is recommended you contact a licensed plumber. Find out how to replace a tap washer below:

How to tell if your toilet has a leak

A continuously running toilet can leak up to 60,000 litres of water per year as the water trickles down the back of the bowl. Follow these steps to detect a leak and conserve your bathroom water use:

  1. Remove the lid of your toilet cistern.
  2. Place a few drops of food dye into the cistern.
  3. Do not flush your toilet for 10-15 minutes.
  4. If the dye has seeped down into the bowl when you return, then you know you have a leak.

It is important to check your toilet for leaks every few months so you can ensure it’s not wasting water.

Found a water leak on your property? Here's what to do:

I am the property's owner

If you are the property's owner you need to contact an licensed plumber to fix the leak. We encourage you to get the leak fixed as soon as possible as you are responsible for all usage charges.

I am a tenant

Contact your agent or the owner of the property immediately. It's important that you encourage your landlord/agent to repair the leak as soon as possible as you may be responsible for all usage charges.

Understanding your water service

Your water service responsibilities

As the property owner, you own and are responsible for maintaining and repairing all of the pipes and fittings within your property, from where your water system connects to our water main.

If you believe the leak is our responsibility:

This includes a leaking path tap or water meter, or a leak in the pipes from your meter to the connection point at our water main (i.e. your water service). If you experience any of these, you should:

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