Ways to save water in the garden

Our Lower Hunter region also comes with very high temperatures over summer and dry periods throughout the year. This doesn’t mean our gardens can’t be kept healthy and flourishing, without using excess water. Here are some easy tips to keep your garden in top shape!

Watering your plants

Test if your plants need watering. Before watering your garden, push aside the mulch and put your finger into the soil. If it is moist below the surface, then you don’t need to water.

Soil additives

One of the problems with soil that has dried out is it repels water, wasting the precious water you put on it. Soil wetting agents and water retention products can dramatically improve this.


Mulch is a great way to maintain your garden through periods of low rainfall. It’s like a blanket on the soil, keeping it cool and reducing evaporation by up to 70 per cent.

Pick your season

The ideal time of year for new plants, installing irrigation systems and other major changes to your garden is in autumn as it has nine months to recover before the oncoming summer heat.

Smart Water Choices

Smart Water Choices now apply. Watering of lawns and gardens with a sprinkler, irrigation system or trigger nozzle hose is permitted any day before 10am or after 4pm to avoid the heat of the day.

Understanding greywater

Most people have a plentiful supply of greywater around the home, and if utilised properly, it could save thousands of litres of drinking water. Read our handy advice on recycling your greywater.

Little habits make big changes

If you're thoughtful you can really make things go a long way, especially water.