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Business pricing, fees and charges

After IPART released its determination on our maximum service prices in 2016, we've implemented some new charges for our business customers in 2019.

For a complete list of current prices, see our Customer Charges Guide or see the relevant charges that apply to your business' water and sewer services.

Water charges

Business customers using our water services, can incur fixed a water service charge, a water usage charge and a zone-based charge.

Sewer charges

Business customers using our sewer services, can incur a fixed service charge, a sewer usage charge (calculated using a sewer discharge factor) and environmental improvement charge.

Other fees and charges

Depending on the location of your property you may be also charged:

What is the process for having the SDF percentage reviewed?

A property owner may request a review of the SDF percentage if they believe that it is in the wrong category, or it is in the correct category but the category does not accurately represent the use at the property.

If you believe your property is in the wrong category e.g. there has been a change of use at your property, you can submit your request along with supporting documentation confirming the use of the property via email.

If your property is correctly classified but you believe the category does not reflect the level of sewer discharge here's how to go about having your SDF percentage reviewed:

  1. Request the review in writing

    You can submit your request via email, or by writing to:

    Manager Billing Operations
    PO Box 5171
    HRMC NSW 2310

  2. Consider installing sub-meters

    Install sub-meters (at property owner's expense) to isolate and measure wastewater discharged to the sewerage system from the quantity used in production and/or externally.
  3. Verify sub-meter installation with us

    We will need to verify this to ensure internal and external usage is accurate. Measured data will then be captured over a 12-month period to account for seasonal variations in usage.

Should the outcome identify the SDF to be in a different category, the SDF percentage will be set at the midpoint of the appropriate band.

Customer charges guide

For a complete list of current prices see our Customer Charges Guide.


IPART has begun a review of the prices Hunter Water can charge for the water, wastewater and stormwater services provided to residential and non residential customers. Customers and community members are encouraged to participate in the review process.