Is your bill higher than normal?

We understand that it can be distressing when you open your bill and it's higher than expected. To better understand why it is higher than usual, read our tips below to check your bill.

1. Reading your water meter

We read your meter three times a year. Sometimes the days between each time we read your meter changes and we don't read your meter on the exact same day each time. This means that the number of days you are charged for your water and sewerage services can vary, affecting the amount of your bill.

2. Check your water usage

The amount of water you use will affect your bill amount. You can check the average number of litres you’ve used during this billing period by checking your average daily usage graph on the back page of your bill.

When comparing your average daily usage to previous bills, it's best to compare it to the same time last year (e.g. compare a summer period with summer last year).

3. Check your water meter

If you’re still not sure why your bill is higher, then we recommend checking your water meter.

Check to see if the meter reading on your water meter is relatively close to current reading on page 2 of your most recent bill. If the meter reading on your bill looks like it could be a mistake or you're not sure, please contact us.

If you don't know how to read your meter, please follow the link below.

4. Check for a water leak

Watch our video and learn how to check for leaks at your property.

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