Your bill explained

We send our customers three bills each year between:

  • July and October
  • November and February
  • March and June

Understanding your bill

Our bill guide below is designed to help you understand your bill, your water usage, and the assistance we offer.

It belongs to all of us

Find out ways to love water.

Due date

This is the date you are required to make payment. Learn more about our payment options available to you.

Account number

The account number is your reference number to be provided when speaking to us about your specific account details.

Want to pay now? Use the 11-digit payment reference number in the payment slip when making your payment.

Property owner details

Your name and the address the bill is sent to. Need to change your postal address or contact information? .

Property address

This is the property address being billed.

Prev balance

This is the carry over balance from your previous bill.


This is the total of all payments received for this bill. CR indicates that you have a credit amount.


This is the total balance remaining to be paid from your last bill.

New charges

The summary of the amount charged for water and sewer, credits and adjustments. Want to know more about what you pay?

Your bill payment options

Want to pay online? Set up direct debit? Pay by credit card? Learn more about our payment options available to you.

Payment reference number

The payment reference number is an 11-digit number (your account number with an extra digit) that you will need to use when making a payment to your account.

Want to pay now? Use this as your reference number.

Bill estimated

If we have been unable to get a meter reading at your property, our billing system will estimate your usage and this message will appear here. Learn more about how we read your meter.

Average daily water usage graph

How much you use, on average, each day. Want to learn more about water usage?

What happens if you don't pay

Actions we may take to recover outstanding accounts. Need help paying?

Water usage charges

The usage charges you pay for the water you use. Learn more

Get in touch

Contact us the way you want to.

Interpreter details

Assistance for non-English speaking customers. Learn more

Your meter details

Type, number and latest meter reading, usage in kilolitres, billing days. Learn how to read your water meter

Service charges

Breakdown of fixed service charges. Learn more about customer charges

Payment assistance

We offer assistance to residential customers finding it hard to pay their water bill. Find out more.

Pension rebates

Are you eligible for a pension rebate? Claim your pension rebate online.

Is your bill higher than normal?

Our step by step process and quick video can help you discover what might have caused the increase in your bill.

Residential Pricing, fees and charges

Learn more about the charges you can expect as a residential customer when it comes to our services and your water usage.

Business Pricing, Fees and Charges

Learn more about the charges you can expect as a business customer when it comes to our services and your water usage.


IPART has begun a review of the prices Hunter Water can charge for the water, wastewater and stormwater services provided to residential and non residential customers. Customers and community members are encouraged to participate in the review process.

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