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Show us how you choose to #LoveWater on social media this National Water Week!

This year for National Water Week, we’re doing something special to celebrate all the simple ways we can save water around our homes! On Saturday 24 October we’re asking YOU to snap a picture or take a short video and join in on #LoveWaterDay

You could be watering your garden early in the morning, sharing the last of your water bottle water with your favourite indoor plant or scraping your plates instead of rinsing them. There are many ways we can all choose to Love Water.

Don’t forget to tag @OurHunterWater and use the #LoveWaterDay hashtag in your caption!

To learn more about Love Water Day or to see others in our community showing the #Love, visit our social media channels.

Looking for #LoveWater inspo?

In the kitchen

Whether you’re cooking, cleaning, washing or drinking, we’ve got some handy tips to help you love and conserve water in the kitchen.

In the bathroom

Water is precious, and with around 40 per cent of household water going to our bathrooms (much of which is wasted), it’s important to be more mindful of how we’re using it.

In the laundry

Our laundries require a large amount of water to function. Here, you can find out some inexpensive ways to reduce the volume you use when operating your washing machine or taps.

Smart Water Choices

Smart Water Choices are behaviours that we can all do to save water in our homes. By making small changes to the way you use water at home, we can save a lot.