Personalised payment support

Our local, understanding team is here to support you. We'll assess your situation and provide a range of support options to help make paying your bill easier.

Your options

  1. Set up Easy Pay to pay in smaller, regular amounts
  2. Apply for a payment extension
  3. Contact us about personalised payment support

Personalised support options

There are many ways we can help. Contact us the way you feel comfortable.

Call on 1300 657 657, use Live Chat (during business hours) or email us.

Once you contact our team, we'll assess your situation and offer appropriate support.

The following support is available, depending on your circumstance.

Recovery action

We provide 21 days to pay your Hunter Water bill. If payments aren’t made on time and if you haven’t contacted us for assistance, then we will take actions to recover any overdue amounts.

Please reach out and talk to us about your situation so we can help you avoid recovery steps.

Read more in our Debt Recovery and Hardship Policy.

Please note:

  • You'll get a Final Notice saying your account is unpaid after 21 days.
  • We might restrict your water supply. If we do, you'll need to pay the overdue amount, plus a connection fee, to lift the restriction.
  • A collection agency might be engaged to recover the outstanding amount.
  • We may start legal action to recover the outstanding amount.

Contact us

Speak to our team on 1300 657 657 or with Live Chat during business hours. You can also email us.

Hunter Water has worked with accessible information specialists SCOPE to translate a number of our fact sheets, including about bills payments, into Easy English.