Your sewer service

Our sewer service is carefully monitored and managed so that sewage is disposed of properly.

Understanding your responsibilities

In each household, it is up to the property owner to maintain and repair sewer (wastewater) pipes and fittings inside the property through to the point of connection with our wastewater system. This connection point can sometimes fall outside of your property, and if you do not know where yours is located, you should contact us.

With sewer pipes and fittings that are located on your side of the connection point (including the boundary trap and inspection shaft), it is your responsibility to cover costs associated with their repairs, replacement or maintenance. In most cases, Hunter Water will attend a property once notified if the sewer inspection shaft is full or overflowing as this could mean there’s a blockage in the sewer main or branch line.

Pressure sewer system

This image highlights maintenance responsibilities for a property owner with a pressure sewer system.

Pressure sewer wastewater maintenance responsibilities

Additional information about your sewer service

Starting a small business?

If you are starting a small business, you may require an adequately sized pre-treatment facility to be installed. It is important that you are aware of your agreement responsibilities and that there are adequate systems in place to guarantee compliance with the conditions for discharge to our sewerage system.