Maintaining pools and spas

You can enjoy your swimming pool or spa without having to use too much water to maintain them.

You can reduce evaporation by up to 90 per cent by covering the pool's surface as this lowers its temperature and decreases evaporation.

Maintaining your pool

You can to top up an existing pool if it's getting low, fill a new pool, or refill an existing pool after renovation, using a hose with a trigger nozzle. If you wish to leave a hose running unattended in a pool, you must apply for an exemption.

Do you need to apply for a Smart Water Choices pool permit?

Under Smart Water Choices leaving a hose running unattended is not permitted however we understand that this may be necessary when filling or refilling a large swimming pool or spa.

As the property owner, you can apply for an exemption from ‘leaving a hose unattended’ by registering the address of the property and the date the pool/spa will be filled. This exemption applies whether the pool is being filled by a pool or spa company, or by the property owner.

Top tips for your kitchen

There are some easy ways you can save water in your kitchen without sacrificing on preparing and cleaning up after a quality meal.

Little habits make big changes

If you're thoughtful you can really make things go a long way, especially water.