Water quality issues

Providing a safe and reliable water supply to our customers is a priority, however at times water quality can be affected for a number of reasons.

Types of water quality issues

Blue green algae

Hunter Water monitors blue-green algae in accordance with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines so that potential risks to the supply are combated. Find out how we check these concentrations and the control plans we have in place to prevent blooms.

Geosmin and MIB

Geosmin and Methylisoborneol (MIB) are compounds that are naturally found in the water supply, but not usually at noticeable levels. Discover the measures we have in place in the instance of a rise in these compounds, and what that means for water quality.


There are a number of ways that Hunter Water protects our water supply from PFAS—a family of man-made chemicals used in industrial and consumer products. Read on to see how we safeguard our drinking water from this emerging contaminant.