Water Meter Access

As a Hunter Water customer, it is your responsibility to allow access to your water meter so we can record your water use. We rely on accurate and timely meter readings to make sure you are billed correctly for the water you use.

Your meter may be inaccessible because of a locked gate, a dog, an overgrown garden or construction work.

Clear Access to your Water Meter

Hunter Water is unable to repair or perform a meter exchange on a service that is buried / does not have 225mm clearance. Customers need to clear the area so we can safely work on it. Please refer to the image below which shows good clearance and the tools that we would typically require to work safely on a water meter.

Water Meter Clearance

What Happens if We Can't Get Access?

If we cannot gain access to your water meter to obtain a water reading, we may have to estimate your usage.

If access to the meter cannot be gained on an ongoing basis, additional fees and charges may be applied to your account.

Have You Received a Letter from Us?

If you have received a letter stating that we were unable to read your water meter you can either:

You Will Need:

  • your meter reading
  • the serial number of the meter. This is usually stamped on the body of the meter near the dials
  • your property/account number. This is found on the top-right corner of your last Hunter Water bill.