Dungog Wastewater Treatment Works

The Dungog Wastewater Treatment Works acts as a secondary treatment plant and serves the township of Dungog.

It currently treats 0.57 megalitres per day and can handle wastewater from a population of up to 3,000 people.


The Dungog Wastewater Treatment Works provides secondary treatment of wastewater using the trickling filter process.

Effluent polishing and disinfection are achieved using a maturation pond and balance panel.

The Dungog Wastewater Treatment Works consists of:

  1. Inlet works including screening and grit removal
  2. Fine screens
  3. Membrane bioreactor
  4. UV disinfection
  5. Wet weather pond
  6. Sludge dewatering system
  7. Effluent reuse - irrigation

Recycling and reuse

The balance pond provides recycled water which is used to irrigate adjacent farmland.

Biosolids produced at the plant are beneficially used for mine site rehabilitation and pasture improvement projects.

Environmental Licence Monitoring

Pollution monitoring data is collected by Hunter Water, as required under the Environment Protection Licences (EPL) issued by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).