Trade waste pre-treatment requirements

Pre-treatment facilities may include grease arrestors, oil separators, cooling pits, lint traps and dilution pits. We recognise grease arrestors sized 1,000 litres minimum and 5,000 litres maximum.

Your role in the trade waste process

You may be consulted to give advice or engaged to carry out plumbing and drainage works by property owners or developers of new developments or redevelopment projects.

New developments

Familiarise yourself with our Trade Wastewater Standard to ensure correct information about our pre-treatment requirements is given to assist the construction process and ensure compliance for ongoing onsite operations. You can submit a hydraulic design assessment application via our Property Self Service Portal.

Existing developments

Existing properties requiring an additional trade waste facility installation or upgrade need to submit a trade waste facility upgrade/installation application via our Property Self Service Portal.


Advice to reduce wastewater discharge

Simple but effective changes to onsite operations and procedures may improve wastewater quality and reduce operational costs. These include:

  1. Don't pour oil, grease or fats down the sink - recycle all spent cooking oils. Most used cooking oils are suitable for recycling. Contact local recycling companies for further details.
  2. Discard all solids food waste (food scraps, batter mix, etc.) to the garbage for recycling or landfill.
  3. Don't overuse detergent and ensure it is biodegradable.
  4. After the pre-treatment facility has been cleaned out by an accredited contractor, refill the facility with clean water to promote immediate compliant operation.

Thirsty for more advice?

If you need more advice on trade waste pre-treatment requirements, get your questions answered by contacting our team.