WSAA codes publication

Our editions of the National Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) Codes includes our requirements for specific detail which the Code anticipates individual water agencies will address. It includes additions, deletions and variations to the Code where the Code's requirements are not compatible with our current requirements (due to local practice, climatic, geographic and topographic conditions and statutory requirements, etc.) or where the Code is otherwise silent.

Our codes specify mandatory requirements for the design and construction of water supply systems and gravity sewerage that are to become the responsibility of us once constructed.

eBook versions

eBook versions of the latest WSAA Codes are available for download via the WSAA website. Theses ebooks are the primary method for accessing the most current versions of our editions of the WSAA Codes.

For all enquiries regarding access to the codes contact WSAA.

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If you need more advice on WSAA codes or our editions of the codes, get your questions answered by contacting our team.