Preliminary Servicing Advice

If you require general information about the provision of water and sewer services to a proposed large scale development or subdivision without needing to know the actual requirements for connection, then you should request Preliminary Servicing Advice from us.

What is Preliminary Servicing Advice?

Preliminary Servicing Advice provides general information about the water and sewer issues relevant to the proposal including available capacity and potential connection points, and helps determine whether a developer servicing strategy will be required.

We encourage developers and Accredited Design Consultants considering a proposed large scale development site to come and meet with our team to review the proposal. At this preliminary meeting we may discuss broad options that may be available to provide the development with water and sewer services. This will be dependent on the location of the site within our networks and available capacities.

Investigating a site?

If you are investigating a site for a large scale development, and require Preliminary Servicing Advice, then you will need to lodge a Preliminary Services Application, you can now do this online through our Property Self Service Portal.

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Plan to proceed?

If you plan to proceed with your development and need to determine how to connect your water and sewer services, then you will need to lodge a Development Services Application. You can now do this online through our Developer Self Service Portal.

Developer Servicing strategy

Learn more about whether you may need a Developer Servicing Strategy to determine the optimal configuration of water and sewer infrastructure for your development.