Kooragang Recycled Water Scheme


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Advanced Water Treatment Plant, Water Education Facility and Associated Pipelines

The Kooragang Recycled Water Scheme provides high quality recycled water to industry on Kooragang Island. Infrastructure for KIWS includes an Advanced Water Treatment Plant (AWTP) and water educational facility on Channel Road, Mayfield West, and the associated pipelines.

Advanced Water Treatment Plant

Construction of the AWTP facility at Steel River was completed in October 2014. The AWTP includes a water education facility, raw water storage, chemical dosing and filtration systems as well as recycled water product storage facilities.

Brine Return Pipeline

The Brine Return pipeline  returns reject water from the micro-filtration stage of the process to the Burwood Beach Wastewater system. 

Product Supply Pipeline

The product supply pipeline is an 8 kilometre pipeline crossing the south arm of the Hunter River estuary from the AWTP to industry on Kooragang Island. 

Newcastle 10 Diversion Pipeline

The Kooragang Recycled Water Scheme diverts 12 million litres of treated effluent a day from Shortland Wastewater Treatment Works to the  AWTP at Steel River for further treatment to a suitable standard for industrial use.

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