I have a sewer overflow on my property or I can see a sewer overflow on the street

What is a sewer overflow?

A sewer overflow occurs when wastewater is discharged from a sewer shaft or sewer manhole, as a result of a blockage.

If you see a sewer overflow on your property or on the street, please follow these steps.

  1. Avoid all contact with the sewer and keep clear of contaminated items
  2. Stop using your toilet(s) or flushing water if the sewer overflow is within your property
  3. Turn off any taps if the sewer overflow is within your property
  4. Call us immediately on 1300 657 000


Problems in the sewerage system generally occur within the pipes, stopping the flow of sewage away from your home.

Learn more about sewer blockages and what to do if this occurs at your property.

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Have you experienced damage to your property?

We strive to do our best to minimise the impact of property damage for our customers. On occasion there may be a water main break or sewer overflow that is not foreseeable and unfortunately may cause property damage. Read our helpful fact sheet to learn what to do in this instance.