Grahamstown Wave Protection Wall


Grahamstown Dam is the region's largest water source, supplying up to 75% of the Lower Hunter's daily water needs when required. Built in 1964, Grahamstown Dam can hold up to 182,305 million litres of water.

The wide surface area and shallow depth of the dam are putting the dam's wall at a small risk of erosion from wind and wave action during strong wind and wet weather. To protect the dam from weather related damage Hunter Water is investing $1 million to install the wall and protect this valuable asset.

This is only the fifth major project undertaken on Grahamstown Dam in its history and coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Dam's completion.

When will construction take place?

Construction began in early December and is expected to be completed by late March 2015.

Will the wall block views of the Grahamstown Dam?

The new wall has been designed so that it will not obstruct the popular scenic views or the enjoyment of the area by cyclists, walkers and picnickers.

Where will the wall be located and what will it look like?

The new wall will be located along the dam wall near the intersection of Grahamstown and Richardson's Roads at Campvale and Ferodale/Medowie.

It will be no higher than 1m and will be 1.2km long and will primarily be a gabion rock wall. 360m of the wall will consist of metal railings running parallel to the cycleway/footpath.

Can people use the cycleway/walkway during construction?

Yes, the construction will not block use of the pathway. Construction workers will be on-site to facilitate passers-by.

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Fast Facts

Project Location
Raymond Terrance, Port Stephens Shire Council
Project Duration
December 2014 - March 2015
1300 657 657

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