Cessnock Wastewater Treatment Works Coogeneration Facility


Hunter Water has constructed a Cogeneration facility at the Cessnock Wastewater Treatment Works that generates renewable electricity that will be used at the Treatment Works.

The cogeneration facility creates electricity by combusting the biogas from the digester at the Cessnock Wastewater Treatment Works and using the heat generated in the process to heat the digester.

The cogenerational facility will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the Cessnock Wastewater Treatment Works by around 235 tonnes per year over the next 20 years through using renewable energy. This is the equivalent of taking 50 average passenger cars off the road every year.

This project is one of six recycling and renewable energy projects part of the $97 million Lower Hunter Recycled Water Initiative that will be delivered between 2010 and 2014. The greenhouse gas emissions of the Lower Hunter Recycled Water Initiative will be fully offset through greenhouse gas offset projects, including the cogeneration facility, saving 3,900 tonnes of carbon emissions a year. This reduction is equivalent to removing the annual emissions from 650 cars

This project is funded through Hunter Water and the Australian Government's Water for the Future initiative through the National Urban Water and Desalination Plan.

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