7 December 2021

Why I work in water: Kylie Bennett

Kylie Bennett is passionate about seeing people reach their full potential and having access to essential services regardless of their circumstances.

As Team Leader Customer Assistance at Hunter Water, she believes in the power of collaboration and support to make a real difference for those who are experiencing vulnerability and financial stress within the community.

Since joining Hunter Water in 2010, Kylie has helped increase awareness of vulnerable customers and enhanced support options.

She manages the collection of all billable water accounts and vulnerable support programs while advocating for early engagement and support awareness to positively impact the customer experience.

“Customers and the community are at the heart of all that we do at Hunter Water and it’s one of the main reasons why I love working in water.
Kylie Bennett, Team Leader Customer Assistance

“I recognise the various ways we impact customers and, through strong partnerships and collaboration with key stakeholders in the government and support service network, we can really make a difference in people’s lives.”

Kylie and the team have introduced home visits as a courtesy ‘check in’ on customers who may be facing financial pressures and successfully brought Bring Your Bill days to the Hunter, in partnership with the NSW Energy and Water Ombudsman (EWON).

These events attract various service providers to local areas, offering face-to-face support on a range of matters aside from water bills and billing issues, such as energy, fines, and legal advice.

Apart from her usual role, Kylie is a member of Hunter Water’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the vulnerable customer working group with Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), while she’s also been a part of both the Hunter Homeless Connect Day and Multicultural Services Information Day working groups over a number of years.

“I am very proud to be an active member of these working groups, which strive to make a positive difference within our community by connecting people and services,” she says.

Kylie has also helped a local organisation prepare and deliver meals for those in need.

During the midst of the pandemic, up to 400 meals were being prepared every week to cater for a rise in demand for food support.

More recently, she’s led Hunter Water’s customer support strategy throughout COVID-19 and delivered training across the business as part of a Voice of Customer capability program.

“I love supporting our people and empowering them to deliver great customer outcomes and continue to improve our service from our learnings and customer insights,” she says.

“Hunter Water is a great place to work and has a highly supportive culture, which gives me the opportunity to make a difference.”