30 July 2020

Throsby Creek mangrove maintenance work complete

Work to remove a small area of juvenile mangroves and sediment from Throsby Creek, near the Union Street footbridge in Tighes Hill, is now complete. The work will help improve water flow and reduce the potential for flooding impacts in the local area by preventing the spread of mangrove islands and further sediment build-up.

As mangroves are a protected species, we completed a Review of Environmental Factors to guide the work, which was carried out in accordance with a NSW Fisheries permit.

This work is part of the Throsby Creek Catchment Agencies Plan 2019-2024, which aims to improve the health, amenity and safety of Throsby Creek and its catchment.

As part of the plan, we are also developing an overall management strategy for the mangroves upstream of the Hannell Street Bridge, in consultation with local agencies and the community.

Ongoing investigations of sediment levels in Throsby Creek and its impact on flooding will be carried out to determine if we will need to dredge the creek to remove the long-term build-up of sediment. The next investigation is planned for 2022/23.

Photo: An excavator removing sediment from Throsby Creek.

Throsby Creek Government Agencies Committee

This project is part of the Throsby Creek Catchment Agencies Plan 2019-2024.