22 September 2023

Investigative work to commence on one of Hunter Water’s oldest assets

Over the coming weeks, Hunter Water will begin investigations for the remediation and repair of The Hill 2 Reservoir located on the corner of Tyrell and Brown Streets in Newcastle East.

The work will reduce leaks, protect water quality and help maintain a consistent drinking water supply to the area.

Due to the nature of the work and the age of the structure, the repairs will be phased over the next 18 months, with these initial investigations involving the removal of existing soil to allow for inspection of the original concrete roof structure. These investigations will inform the extent of repairs required to enable the reservoir to be brought back online during the summer months.

Community members will notice activity on and around The Reservoir and the corner of Tyrell and Brown Streets, including additional noise and construction vehicles. Work will take place between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday. Work will continue between 8am and 4pm on Saturday and Sunday to minimise traffic impacts and expedite the soil removal.

The soil removal will likely take around four weeks, and traffic and pedestrian controls will be in place as required. Once the soil is removed, repair work in the reservoir roof is expected to take about two months to complete.

We have notified nearby residents, schools and businesses, and there are no planned interruptions to water supply. Further remedial work within the reservoir is scheduled for mid-2024.

The Hill 2 Reservoir was constructed in 1918 and can hold five million litres of water. It supplies water to approximately 4,400 properties in Newcastle East and is a State Heritage Registered Asset. Learn more about the history of this site on our website: https://www.hunterwater.com.au/community/our-history/the-res.