World War II tank trap removal

Related to the Stockton Land Restoration project Published 9 October 2020

Over the past two weeks we have removed most of the concrete World War II tank traps from our section of the shoreline at Stockton beach.

The tank traps were removed to improve the safety of swimmers and surfers using this section of the beach.

185 of an estimated 200 tank traps have been relocated from the water and are being stored on our site. It’s possible the remaining tank traps, which remain buried, will be uncovered in future heavy sea events.

The history of the traps on our land was well documented as part of heritage studies before we removed them. We are exploring the potential for reusing the traps in future.

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Some of the concrete tank traps, removed from the shoreline in October 2020, have been relocated toward the front of Hunter Water’s land along Fullerton Street, Stockton.

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Project update

Fencing work to begin

Published 19 June 20

Work will soon begin to construct a chain-mesh fence around the southern portion of land. This land was previously a council landfill site and is being restored and planted with native species. It's necessary to protect the area, especially while the new native plants are establishing.

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Hunter Water has commenced construction of a large sand container seawall to protect its site at Stockton from coastal erosion.

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