Service faults help and advice

Our aim is to get everything fixed and back to normal as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we carry out necessary repairs or maintenance. Please be aware, we may need to access your property to get the job done.

Why are outages necessary?

Outages are necessary to repair leaks and breaks or to carry out planned system maintenance. While we understand that outages may be inconvenient they are essential to ensuring the ongoing safe operation, reliability, and performance of our systems.

If required, our crew members will assist with external clean-up of rocks, mud and debris from lawns and gardens.

There are two types of outages that occur:


Faults include water and sewer main breaks, water leaks, sewer blockages and overflows, and fire hydrant maintenance and repair.

Planned works

Planned works accommodate water and sewer system maintenance and new developments.

Current water outages

Our job is to get your water supply or sewer service back to normal as soon as possible. Keep up-to-date on the progress to repair faults or planned works in your area.

We're here to help

Thirsty for more information or advice?

If you need further advice/support please call our team (Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm). We can answer your questions or concerns, or you can provide important information about the outage incident.

Alternatively, you are welcome to let us know what you think via our online Customer Feedback Form. Your feedback will help to improve how we provide our activities and services in the future.