26 February 2023

Water main repair at Minmi Road Wallsend commencing from 9pm Monday 27 February

UPDATE: Tuesday 28 Feb – 11:30am

The water pressure is returning to normal for customers in Fletcher, Maryland and Minmi.

As the water supply is restored, some customers may experience discoloured water as pressure returns in their part of the network.

Here're what do you if you have discoloured water

If the issue persists, please call the Hunter Water 24-hour customer line, 1300 657 000.

UPDATE: Tuesday 28 Feb - 9:30am We aim to restore water supply mid-morning. The complex repair took longer than anticipated due to challenges on site welding the pipes. The new main bypassing the leaking main is now connected.

UPDATE: Tuesday 28 Feb - 6:15am The complex repair to a large water main on Minmi Rd, Wallsend is taking longer than expected. We apologise for the inconvenience this causes to customers in Minmi, Maryland and Fletcher. We are working as quickly as possible to finish the repair. We will keep our customers and community advised with regular updates throughout this morning.

Sunday 26 Feb - Hunter Water is preparing for a complex repair to a leaking water main adjacent to Minmi Road at Wallsend on Monday night (27 February). Preparatory work is underway onsite.

As a result of the repair, customers in Minmi, Maryland and Fletcher, and potentially surrounding suburbs, may experience low water pressure or no water overnight from about 9pm Monday until 6am Tuesday morning.

Before the water main repair starts at 9pm on Monday night, Hunter Water recommends filling buckets to flush toilets, and filling water containers and bottles to meet household needs until services are restored.

While minimising leakage in our network remains a key focus, we have planned this complex work to enable the repair to be carried out safely and efficiently. We have scheduled the main repair work overnight to ensure there is as little inconvenience as possible for our customers and community.

Our priority is to safely repair this infrastructure and restore our customers’ water supply as soon as possible.

When the water supply is restored, some customers may temporarily experience discoloured water, which can often be improved through flushing the taps at the front (first) then rear of the property for a few minutes.

If the issue persists – or assistance is needed with anything related to these works – please call the Hunter Water 24-hour customer line, 1300 657 000.

The leak is in the 500mm-diameter water main running parallel to Minmi Road; where it runs underneath Ironbark Creek at Wallsend. The main services the above suburbs and is important for the water supply to those areas.

We have been monitoring the leak closely and have been inspecting the site regularly to prepare for the work.

We acknowledge some of our customers may be impacted and thank them for their patience while our crews carry out this necessary work as safely and quickly as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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