Water Futures Challenge

It's important to us here at Hunter Water to educate the next generation about the real world problem of water scarcity. Read about our Water Futures Challenge, which asks primary and high school students from the Lower Hunter to come up with creative water saving solutions.

Early Education Program

We've made water education fun for all ages, including pre-schoolers and infants students. Check out Hunter Water's Let's Love Water Show, which is available to schools in the Lower Hunter region.

Waterworld App

Waterworld is a 28 day shower challenge designed to support the curriculum while providing Stage 4 students with a fun and practical learning experience through a web-app that can be used on any device, including desktop.


Learn about and access a range of educational resources about our most precious resource.

Where's Our Water?

We are excited to launch our new eBook, Where's Our Water? This story was written by Aboriginal students from Newcastle High School to help share the value of our most precious resource with children in our community.

Catchment Care

We're proud to work alongside Hunter Local Land Services to educate students on catchment and waterway health. Find out more about the current activities available for school students.

Little habits make big changes

If you're thoughtful you can really make things go a long way, especially water.