5 March 2020

Reminder for customers to only flush the Three P’s

This picture was taken at our Morpeth treatment plant and is part of a 14-tonne 'fatberg' blockage made up of wet wipes and sewage removed from the plant.

In the wake of supermarket shelves being cleared of toilet paper and other sanitation items, Hunter Water is reminding its customers to only ever flush the Three P’s – pee, poo and (toilet) paper.

Other products such as paper towel, tissues and wet wipes do not break down properly and can contribute to large blockages in our wastewater system.

“Not only are sewer blockages disgusting and unpleasant for our crews to remove, they are also expensive,” said Acting Executive Manager Service Delivery for Customers, Glen Robinson.

“It was only recently in late 2019 that we had to remove a 14 tonne blockage from our wastewater treatment plant at Morpeth. The operation required specialist equipment and took several days to complete. We are now preparing to remove yet another one from the same plant.

“Sewer blockages can also cause overflows into the environment and our waterways, as well as in people’s homes, leading to costly plumbing bills for the homeowner.

“Unfortunately they are an issue for water utilities, not only here in Australia, but around the world. This is a timely reminder to all of our customers across the Lower Hunter that only the Three P’s should be flushed down the toilet - pee, poo and toilet paper,” said Mr Robinson.

Hunter Water’s drinking water remains safe to drink. There is no evidence that drinking water will be affected by coronavirus or that it is transmitted by drinking water.

Our treatment plants include robust processes to ensure that treated drinking water is of a very high quality and complies with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Existing water treatment and disinfection processes, including the use of chlorine, are effective at destroying viruses in water supplies.

There is no need to buy bottled water for drinking. Safe, clean tap water will continue to be supplied directly to your home every day.

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