19 August 2019

Hunter Water brings virtual reality to Kurri Vintage Festival


Hunter Water has partnered with Newcastle Museum to offer a unique look at the history of the local water system through a special exhibition marking Hunter Water’s 125th birthday.

Hunter Water - Celebrating 125 Years explores the early challenges of sourcing a secure water supply for the Hunter and gives visitors a chance to learn about the modern system and its future development.

Hunter Water Managing Director Jim Bentley said the exhibition would provoke thought about the possibilities technology would create for the future.

“The local water history is an important but not often told story of how water allowed our region to develop from a fledging mining settlement to an industrial powerhouse in the 1900s and then the diverse, liveable region of today," he said.

“However, our work is far from finished as we prepare for the local population to exceed 862,000 by 2036, which presents fresh challenges and exciting opportunities. Together we now need to consider how technology and innovation can shape the water system over the next generation, and how advancements in the digital world may change how we interact with water in the future.

“Visitors to the exhibition will see rare artefacts from our past, including part of the original wooden pipeline built in 1926 that transported water from Chichester Dam to Newcastle.

“A fascinating feature of the exhibition is the immersive virtual reality experience which takes you on the journey of a drop of water from the sky through our dams and treatment works to your tap.

“We hope after learning more about our water history and the modern system, visitors will come away with thoughts on how technology and innovation can make for a smart, integrated and efficient future,” he said.

Newcastle City Council Interim CEO Jeremy Bath said Hunter Water’s story was important to share with the region.

“The history of our water supply is an integral part of the history of Newcastle and the Hunter, and something which we’re excited to partner with Hunter Water to showcase at Newcastle Museum," he said.

“Stories of the organisations which make up the fabric of our community give a unique perspective and insights into the working lives of our neighbours. Newcastle Museum plays a key role in telling the stories of Newcastle, its history and its people, in partnership with local organisations."