Munibung Creek rehabilitation - project update

Related to the Munibung Creek Rehabilitation project Published 15 December 2021

During recent site investigations we identified the extent of the contaminated soil along the 400 metre length of the open creek. In accordance with strict regulations, the contaminated soil needs to be carefully managed including stockpiling, transport and safe disposal. Due to the volume of excavated material this process requires large open areas that are not readily available close to the work site. As a result, we are liaising with Council to obtain access and the land areas required.

We are also working closely with specialist construction contractors to develop work methods that minimise the impacts of general construction on surrounding residents and businesses.

We are currently seeking approval to continue with the project in light of the construction challenges.

We now expect to be commencing work in late 2022, subject to obtaining all relevant approvals, including approval for the disposal of the contaminated material.

We understand the project to naturalise the creek is long-awaited however please be assured progress is being made.

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14 May 21

Project update - May 2021

We're continuing to progress the design of the meandering creek option for the naturalised rehabilitation of Munibung Creek in Cardiff, which was supported through our community consultation in 2019/2020.

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20 December 20

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Following on from our community session earlier in the year, we have completed further site investigations and commenced the detailed design process which will inform how we proceed with construction.

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17 December 20

Thanks for joining us again for an update

Thanks again to the local residents and business owners who were able to make it along to the community drop-in information session on Wednesday 2 December. We realise it's a busy time of year and appreciate your attendance.

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