Indigenous mural design

As part of our Reconciliation Action Plan, we engaged UP&UP and local artist, Jasmin Craciun – a Barkindji, Malyangapa woman – to work with students at Mayfield West Demonstration School to design a mural artwork for a nearby pump station.

Deliberative forums

Our community deliberative forums were held in Maitland and Newcastle during October 2018 and June 2019 engaging 138 members of our community on their values and priorities for our region’s water future.

Other engagement activities

Our community groups

We are committed to working closely with those who are impacted by the decisions we make – including our customers, communities, stakeholders and advocacy groups.

Indigenous mural design

We engaged local artist Jasmin Craciun, a proud Barkindji, Malyangapa woman, and Faith Curtis from UP&UP to work with indigenous students from Mayfield West Demonstration School to create a mural design that celebrates the shared value of water.