Trade Waste Agreements

Applying for a Trade Wastewater Agreement

Our trade waste officers will provide assistance and information to help with applications for trade wastewater agreements.

Applying for an agreement or consent may involve submitting the following to us:

  • Trade Wastewater Consent to Discharge Form
  • site plans showing buildings and infrastructure
  • plan of the proposed or existing treatment system prior to waste entering the sewerage system
  • a technical specification of the manufacturing trade wastewater system
  • a list of hazardous chemicals

Each Trade Wastewater application is risk assessed, using a number of parameters such as activity type, quality of discharge, volume of discharge, pre-treatment facility and Waste Water Treatment Works. This information is used to determine which trade wastewater category is applicable:

  • Category 4 - Major
  • Category 3 - Moderate
  • Category 2 - Minor
  • Category 1 - Deemed

Property owners are then issued with a trade wastewater agreement.

Compliance Audits

The terms and conditions in a trade wastewater agreement have been specified with consideration given to the protection of the sewer and treatment infrastructure, as well as addressing OH&S and environmental concerns.

It is therefore extremely important that customers are aware of their agreement responsibilities and ensure that there are adequate systems in place to guarantee compliance with the conditions for discharge.

There are risks associated with accepting trade wastewater into our sewerage system. One component of our risk management strategy includes a risk based customer audit program with the following activities:

  • Random site visitations to take samples to check the quality of the wastewater discharge.
  • Random site visitations by our trade waste officers to ensure that treatment processes and equipment are properly maintained and operating correctly and that the site is in general compliance with the terms and conditions of the trade wastewater agreement.

Our trade waste officers can enter customers' premises at any time to check trade wastewater discharge and agreement conditions.