Tankered Waste

Tankered waste contractors play an important role in the community by removing liquid wastes from residential, commercial and industrial premises. We are committed to providing a service to safely receive and treat tankered waste from approved sources.

The acceptance of tankered waste requires careful management to ensure that the water is safely received and treated to a standard which meets our environmental discharge licences at the receiving treatment plant.

Setting Up an Agreement with Us

Tankered waste customers must have a formal agreement with us before we will accept discharges of tankered waste at our treatment plants. To register for a new tanker agreement or update your current agreement please fill out the application form below:

Application for Tankering Agreement        

Submitting a Tankered Waste e-docket

Hunter Water has a new electronic docket submission process for tankered waste disposal. The paper dockets have now been replaced with an e-docket. In order to use the e-docket, each tankered waste customer must register all individual tankers with Hunter Water.        

Need Help or Not Registered? 

If issues arise when using the e-docket or you need need to register a vehicle, please call us on 1300 657 657

Watch our video -  How to Use the Tankered Waste e-docket


Discharging Outside of Business Hours

Our tanker approved treatment plants accept tankered discharge between the hours 7am and 3pm (Monday to Friday).  If you wish to discharge outside of these times you may submit a request by calling 1300 657 657.

Waste From Outside of Our Operating Area

We will not accept waste from outside our operating area without prior written approval. Please contact us on 1300 657 657 to discuss approval requirements.


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