Bogus Callers

All Hunter Water employees and contractors who attend properties representing Hunter Water can provide you with full identification and our telephone number.  They will be happy to wait while you confirm their identity.

No Hunter Water employee or contractor is authorised to collect money from you at your home or business.

Telephone Calls Requesting Payment of Overdue Bills

If an official Hunter Water employee initiates contact with customers regarding their outstanding balance, they will:

  • Introduce themselves - including their name and position and reason for their call.
  • Contact the customer during business hours (8am-5pm Mon-Fri).
  • Discuss balances that are overdue and payment options/arrangements that are available.

Hunter Water can take payments over the phone however will not enforce you to make it this way. Customers will always be offered the option to be transferred to the appropriate payment channel for the payment to be made.

Bogus callers/impersonators may:

  • Provide a basic introduction of who they are and the reason for the call.
  • Make unreasonable requests of the customer for payment.
  • Try and make the customer feel pressured - which will make the customer feel uncomfortable.

If in doubt: 

  • Confirm the caller's name, position at Hunter Water and a contact number. A Hunter Water employee will be able to provide all of these details and would, if they feel the customer was not comfortable ask the customer to call them back.
  • Write down the time of the call/incident.
  • Call Hunter Water on 1300 657 657 to verify details.
  • If the impersonator visits a customer's property the customers should be encouraged to provide a description.
  • Write down the name the caller was using and provide Hunter Water with the address or phone number the impersonator used to contact them.
  • Terminate the call if they feel uncomfortable or if the caller cannot substantiate/provide their details.

People Who Knock on Your Door

What an official Hunter Water employee or contractor will do:

  • make an appointment where possible
  • they will have official identification for you to see
  • may be wearing a Hunter Water uniform if relevant to their position
  • may be in a Hunter Water vehicle.

Please note - some of Hunter Water's contractors may not have a Hunter Water identification card or Hunter Water branded uniforms.  If you have any doubts about the caller please call Hunter Water's Call Centre on 1300 657 657. If you feel in any danger please call 000 immediately.

Bogus door knockers/impersonators may:

  • Work in pairs (although only one may identify themselves to you)
  • Not be happy to handover identification badge for closer examination
  • Not have an appointment (in some instances appointments are not always necessary
  • Not have an official uniform
  • Not have an official vehicle
  • Try and make you feel under pressure

Always remember:

  • Hunter Water does not need to enter your house to check your water quality. This can be done from any tap on your property.
  • Make sure all other doors to the outside are locked before you approach the front door.
  • Keep your screen door locked and keep door chains in place. 
  • Be cautious and suspicious and always ask for identification Check the ID carefully - picture and quality could be poor.
  • Make a note of the representative's details.
  • Check for Hunter Water logo on clothing or on the vehicle.
You can confirm our representatives' identity by phoning Hunter Water's Call Centre on 1300 657 657 if you are at all unsure.