What is the Water Resilience Program?

Through this program, we aim to protect our water system against future uncertainties, such as climate change, population growth and drought, for the sake of our natural environment, infrastructure and service capabilities, as well as our customers and community.

How much water do we need?

With a population of around 570,000 people in the Lower Hunter, our region requires a lot of clean, reliable drinking water to continue to prosper. Find out how water is used both in the home and around our community, as well as the programs we've put in place to conserve this valuable resource.

Where does our water come from?

Our dams and sandbeds, and rivers throughout the Lower Hunter provide quality drinking water to our community. Learn more about where each of these water sources is located and find out some interesting facts about the sites.

Planning for the future

Water is a crucial resource for the prosperity of our region, so it's important that we have plans in place for our future supply. Here we share what went into determining the Lower Hunter Water Plan as well as how we engage with the community to provide a better water future.

Lower Hunter Water Plan

The Lower Hunter Water Plan ensures our region has sufficient water supplies for the future, and uses a whole of government approach to review changes such as climatic conditions, new technologies and approaches, as well as community expectations.

Glossary of terms

We use a number of different terms when we talk about water, and it's important to us that you understand what each of them means. Here is a glossary of our commonly used terms to help you.